About Us

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             A showcase of the aquatic world, aquariums in all its beauty and tranquility has become the part and parcel of everyone’s life. Now a days the presence of aquariums can raise the standards of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, clubs etc: –

Of course! , the sight of a well-set aquarium can have an amazing soothing effect on man. Well, PAS can make this happen for you…!, “Pretty Pets Centre” is your one stop shop and the right solution for all your aquarium needs.

As Kerala’s oldest and Trivandrum’s largest aquarium fish store since 1979, having more than three decades of experience in the aquarium scenario , PAS have innumerable satisfied customers all over. Our specialized work staffs have got wide experience in all areas of ornamental fish rearing and display. PAS also undertake special marine aquarium settings as our added speciality. PAS is proud to have set up the only 40 feet long glass aquarium in Kerala. PAS design aquariums of different dimensions according to the needs of our customers; affordable and suitable to every budget.

Our own farmhouse in Trivandrum for rearing fishes is an abundant back up for both wholesale and retail requirements. Our customers have wide range of choice from the exotic collection of fishes, aquariums and accessories all under one roof at a reasonable price in the heart of the city. PAS have made easy the “state of the art” aquarium maintenance with our innovative filtering systems and the latest nano technology, which ensures you a better and durable aqua life with no worries. Our prompt after sales service has proven to be the reason behind the life long relationship with our valuable customers. With pleasure, PAS invite you to our colourful world of aquariums with a new vision, which will definitely satisfy you, always.

So come and share the magnificent arena of aquariums and feel the difference…!